CLIENT: R. Rock Enterprises

For this epic project, I worked closely with Roger Gastman, FREEDOM (Chris Pape), and SONIK (Caleb Neelon) to help develop and produce the book and documentary feature film about the true pioneers of graffiti who hailed from Philadelphia and New York from 1968 - 1973. I interviewed graffiti writers, including TAKI 183, COOL EARL, SNAKE 1, MIKE 187, SJK 187, LSD-OM, WICKED GARY, KUPKAKE, LAZAR, and many others, to uncover their personal narratives. The book and documentary film involved meeting with old school graffiti writers, former gang members, photographers, community activists, and artists to document their history and look through their personal collections to find and archive materials important to WALL WRITERS. In addition to writing many essays and interviews for the book, I wrote the copy for promotional decks and pitch materials for project financing. There has never been anything printed this in-depth about the origins of American graffiti, what my generation called tagging, and the originators called wall writing. I'm an Associate Producer of the feature-length documentary as well, which is available on iTunes.

The fantastic book is available for purchase here.