I'm a journalist, producer, and screenwriter from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. I started writing when I was a young girl, while I grew up in the seminal 80's of L.A. which for me was new wave, heavy metal, punk, hip hop, backyard house parties with neighborhood DJ's and rappers, graffiti on the RTD and everywhere else, MTV, befriending & avoiding gangs, skater boys, Melrose, and Venice Beach. I left L.A. after high school and did some Grateful Dead tour, lived in Hawaii and Oregon, and after surviving the 90's (which felt like the 60's to me), I went to film school at Cal State University at Northridge.

I worked in the CSUN art galleries, wrote for the The Matador, our school newspaper, and focused on cinematography (16mm) and photography while I learned how to make visual stories. After school, I worked briefly in photography assisting and at A&I Film's Santa Monica E6 lab. My big break came, so I thought, and I left to P.A. on my first film, "Real Women Have Curves." With no intention of becoming a producer, I soon found myself in the trenches of reality TV production with Authentic Entertainment and Pie Town Productions, and for the cult classic tech network G4tv.

In a short time, I worked my way up and became the co-executive producer of BBC America's The Nerdist TV show, while using my hiatus' to work with Roger Gastman and R. Rock Enterprises. I wrote essays and introductions for highly sought-after subculture books, co-authored L.A. graffiti legend RISK's biography, and wrote the groundbreaking exhibit PUMP ME UP: D.C. subcultures of the 1980's, which showed at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in spring 2013. We put together WALL WRITERS, an epic tome about the origins of American graffiti, along with a companion documentary. In 2014, I wrote the ALMA AWARDS, which aired on prime time MSNBC. I continue to contribute art & culture stories to LA Weekly, Juxtapoz Magazine, VICE, and Leafly, and write short stories and screenplays. I think all humans have a redemption story deep inside them and I'm interested in telling stories about our survival, resilience, and progress.

I spend my free time volunteering as a UC Master Gardener, which means I'm certified to teach organic gardening in the county of Los Angeles. I'm a serious fan of honesty, transparency, integrity, love, and peace. A few things I adore are Momofuku, listening to records, the ocean, reading Joan Didion or Hunter S. Thompson, and dancing to the good ol' fashioned Grateful Dead. Some of my favorite films are the original Star Wars trilogy, Easy Rider, Wizards, Big Wednesday, Airplane!, Platoon, Two-Lane BlacktopThe Godfather, PoltergeistPulp Fiction, Badlands, Pan's Labyrinth, Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Goodfellas and Raging Bull. Some of my favorite albums are Licensed to Ill, Damn the Torpedoes, Beauty & the Beat, Sandanista!, Masters of Reality, Electric Ladyland, Bleach, Revolution Girl Style Now!, American Beauty, Exodus, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, Sugar Mountain, and Fuzz II. I think the FX show Atlanta is next level TV.