Trina Calderón is a Los Angeles Chicana TV / filmmaker and journalist. She co-wrote the feature film Down For Life, which received critical acclaim at TIFF and LALIFF, though it was never distributed. At G4tv, she learned to produce TV while when nerd comedy was blooming and social media technologies were pioneered on television. After helming The Nerdist TV show on BBCAmerica as co-executive producer, Trina wrote the 2014 NCLR Alma Awards for MSNBC and recently, the 2018 Gracie Gala Awards for the Alliance of Women in Media. She contributes art and culture writing to a variety of media, and writes short stories, essays, and film and TV screenplays. Working in the fine art world, she has researched and written progressive museum and gallery exhibits, and she helped write and produce Wall Writers, a large documentary project about the American pioneers of graffiti. Committed to a creative journey as a filmmaker aware of her strong female and Latinx perspective, Trina aims to add a voice where mainstream media does not.

She spends her free time volunteering as a UC Master Gardener, which means she is certified to teach organic gardening in the county of Los Angeles. Though she didn't write this article, it gives some good reasons Why Growing Food is The Single Most Impactful Thing You Can Do in a Corrupt Political System