Trina Calderón is an accomplished author, screenwriter, and journalist. Her strengths are collaborating with creative executives to create projects that are original, intelligent, and commercial. She has worked with exclusive brands, developing and writing editorial and marketing materials for traditional needs as well as others engaged in a more progressive approach toward brand building and media outreach. Over the years, she has developed a speciality writing about music and art subcultures that are not always given a voice in mainstream media.

Trina has authored short stories,  feature film screenplays, TV pilot scripts, and highly sought after art books. She was the co-executive producer of BBC America's THE NERDIST tv show and she co-wrote the 2014 ALMA AWARDS, which aired on prime-time MSNBC.

When she's not writing, Trina likes dancing to The Grateful Dead, organic gardening, the beach, and making jam. Inspired by the Beat writers, Gonzo journalism, the Riot Grrrls, and hip hop, she's actively using her writing to communicate with the world.